War and Veterans

Frank Jacob and Stefan Karner, eds. War and Veterans: Treatment and Reintegration of Soldiers in Post War Societies

Ch. 5: The Failed Reintegration of “War Cripples” after the Great War: The German Example
By Sonja Petersen and Thomas SchuetzHier folgen Informationen


Since the following images could not be integrated in the volume, they can be found here for those readers, who are interested in photographs of the cases described as well.


Fig. 1: Trenches digged by amputeed in the military hospital garden.
Fig. 2-5: „War invalid blacksmith with a working apparatus, when sawing, at the ambos, when filing, at the electric drill.
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6: Jagenberg arm used at vessel heating.
Fig. 7: Jagenberg Arm shown in action, Report of the Accredited Institute for Artificial Limbs (Prüfstelle für Ersatzglieder), Charlottenburg
Fig 8: Individual artificial limp from the orthotist Berg.